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Health: Cocaine Drug Test

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Most people are addicted to cocaine, it is one of the most popular prohibited drugs and they abuse it for recreation. For this reason, a lot of employers invite applicants to undergo a cocaine drug test as a pre-employment requirement. Employers prefer to keep drugs away from their workplace by performing cocaine drug test. The test may be ordered once a job offer has been made and before the employee begins working for the company. Failing the test means termination of the employment offer.

Cocaine drug tests are done in different ways. One type is the blood test, it is very expensive but quite accurate. Blood samples are taken to detect the presence of cocaine. It must be conducted inside a laboratory because it is the most invasive form of testing. Then there is a hair sample test, it involves taking a sample of hair from the person being tested and it can reveal if the person used cocaine up to 90 days. On the other hand, a saliva swab test is different from blood test as it is a non-invasive cocaine drug test. Aside from being a simple method, it can also immediately detect cocaine in the saliva after 24 hours. Urine tests on the other hand can be done in your own home and it can be somewhat intrusive and uncomfortable. Approximately 3 days, that’s the time frame in which the urine can store or retain in the urine.

To detect the presence of cocaine there are several factors that allow examiners to find these out in a cocaine drug test. Because of the quantity of the cocaine consumed, it can be detected easily. The frequency of cocaine consumption and the age of the examinee is also a factor. The rate of metabolism and body mass, plus the tolerance level for the drug is dependent on the examinee.

If addiction to cocaine is responsible for the negative consequences in someone’s life, then it is time to consider if snorting this powder is truly worth it. Addiction to this substance is most likely to happen to habitual coke users. If you know someone battling addiction, try heading to cocaine rehab directories and learn more about facilities that can help.

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