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What is an Over the Counter Drug Test

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Different people use over the counter drug test for different purposes, it can be used to check if your teenage daughter or son is being influenced by prohibited drugs or it can be as useful to companies who want to make sure their employees and applicants are not consuming illegal substances. Most of these people turn to over the counter drug testing kits to prove whether or not someone is using illegal drugs.

Drug testing can be a very sensitive issue, this is why it is very difficult to choose the right test especially is we are unfamiliar with the methods of detecting drug abuse. One has to learn and be knowledgeable about the capabilities of the over-the-counter drug test and the specific drugs that one wants to identify. There are three classifications of over the counter drug tests. Those classifications are the urine test, saliva swab test and the hair test.

The most common type of over the counter drug test is the urine test; the traces of drugs that are left in the body can easily be seen through a urine sample. It offers on the spot results without going to the laboratory and have the urine sample analyzed. The disadvantages of this test are, one, it requires a witness to make sure the urine sample is truly yours and it can be very uncomfortable to be in that situation.

Saliva swab test on the other hand is the most popular method of drug testing because it is less invasive. This over the counter drug test may immediately determine the drug that has been taken, its better to utilize this method especially if you are suspecting someone of drug use. However, it can be difficult to control because it has limitations in finding out the quantity, and the time and type of drug is being tested for. The last over-the-counter drug test is the hair test. Even though the hair test is the most accurate among all the other methods, it needs a long time to analyze the samples. A wide range of illegal substances can be detected by a hair test and it can also determine how long it’s been in the subjects body system.

These tests are not made to figure you out or to bust you for drug abuse but it is made to help you acknowledge that drug addiction will not do you any good. Whether the tests come out negative or positive, you must always keep in mind that illegal substances should not be abused because in the long run you will be the one to confront all the problems it can bring.

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